Manzanita Place

Manzanita Place is a 76 unit senior housing facility in Roseville, CA. Scope included:

Site improvements: upgrade/provide conforming disabled accessible parking
spaces with new curb cut ramps. Provide accessible route from new disabled
accessible parking to the common amenities and public right of way walk.

Landscaping repairs. Replace exterior site light fixtures with new high efficiency

Building exteriors: existing stucco repairs, provide weeps at existing window
sills. New dormer at existing roof.

Unit interiors: interior improvements including new cabinets, countertops,
bathroom & kitchen fixtures and appliances, gypsum board repairs and touch-up

Elevator: Provide modernization at existing elevator and provide new elevator with shaft.
Alter existing mechanical and storage spaces to accommodate new elevator

Boilder: Replace existing domestic hot water system with new high efficiency boiler.
Provide new wireless emergency call system, fire alarm panel with smoke
detectors connected.

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