100% Occupied Affordable Housing Renovations

Trusted for 25 years, Bullard Construction Inc. has been employing innovative and proven renovation methods of multi- family and senior/assisted facilities by allowing residents to live in their units during the entire process.

Bullard Construction has developed a slightly different approach to occupied rehabs — we handle all of the on-site resident coordination ourselves. Instead of requiring a large number of vacancies so that residents can be shuffled between units, we move the residents and their belongings out in the morning, and back in the evening. We then set up a hospitality suite during the day with TV and refreshments so that the residents have a comfortable place to stay while we complete the work in their units.

Because the residents can sleep in their units during the different construction phases, it is imperative that Bullard finish the scheduled work each day. This keeps Bullard on a swift and targeted schedule that rarely deviates. Since we don’t require any vacancies to complete our work, owners can continue to collect rent without having to relocate the residents.

Many developers and owners prefer to bring on consultants to handle the on-site resident coordination. Although in many cases this may be necessary, Bullard has a proven track record of handling the resident coordination completely in-house. We provide extra staff to handle the regulatory notices required of these renovations, and to make sure the residents are comfortable and their belongings are taken care of.

We know that each rehab is different, and that sometimes relocation is required, but our process has saved our clients millions of dollars in relocation and consultant fees, and in several cases has resulted in faster construction.

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