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Bullard Construction, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with collaborative, strategic and specifically tailored Preconstruction & General Contracting Services.
Affordable Housing

Bullard Inc. has developed a slightly different approach to occupied rehabs — we coordinate all of the on-site resident coordination ourselves. One-week and 24-hour notices provided by Bullard Inc. staff to the residents keep them updated on the schedule without any surprises. Although unit vacancies can improve the process and phasing of an occupied renovation, Bullard Inc. is also able to complete construction without vacant units, if it suits the owner or condition. We help move the residents and their belongings out in the morning, and back in the evening, and provide any assistance they might need. We also set up a hospitality suite during the day with TV and refreshments so that the residents have a comfortable place to stay while we complete the work in their units, if they so desire.

Because the residents can sleep in their units during the different construction phases, it is imperative that Bullard Inc. finishes the scheduled work each day. This keeps everyone on a swift and targeted schedule. Since we don’t require any vacancies to complete our work, owners can continue to collect rent without having to relocate the residents. 

Many developers and owners prefer to bring on consultants to handle the on-site resident coordination. Although in many cases this may be necessary, Bullard Inc. has a proven track record of managing the resident coordination completely in-house. We provide extra staff to handle the regulatory notices required by HUD to make sure the residents are comfortable and their belongings are taken care of.

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Tenant Improvements

Bullard Inc. has been providing maintenance and reconditioning services to a variety of clients for thirty years.

Our crews have experience working in occupied facilities and understand that disruptions to ongoing operations must be minimized or eliminated. Communication with the end-user on a daily basis is key to a successful project.

We have completed facility services projects ranging from a few hundred dollars to nearly 7 million; so no project is too small for Bullard Inc.


Our clients in the tenant improvement sector include both public and private entities, in the areas of food service, cold shell build-outs, offices, and additions. We have completed successful tenant improvement projects all over California and Nevada, in addition to the Sacramento region.

Commercial & Industrial

Bullard Inc. has provided design-build construction services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients for the past ten years. Our clients enjoy the benefits of our proven ability to perform pre-construction services and work with the architect throughout the design-build process. This assures on-time project delivery and increased control of the project budget. We have completed numerous ground-up buildings in diverse sectors such as storage, tow truck facilities, ambulance service centers, and manufacturing/maintenance facilities. 

In addition, Bullard Inc. self-performs many trades including wood and metal framing, drywall, doors and hardware, rough carpentry, finish cabinetry, and painting, depending on the scope.

Public Works

Bullard Inc. has been very involved with the Superior Court of California, as well as many city and state municipalities over the past 15 years. The work has included elevator modernizations for courthouses all over the state of California, and numerous courtroom remodels. Bullard Inc. has also completed numerous renovations for CalTrans and other state agencies. 

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